EU-China Consortium company was established to serve the increasing interest in the Chinese market in the countries of the European Union.
Specializes itself in servicing of Chinese companies, which want to start its business activity in Europe and in servicing of European companies, which want to start production, selling of its goods or to find a business partner in China.

We offer counseling and trade and consulting services for European and Chinese entrepreneurs.
We cooperate very closely with administration units in Poland and in China, with organizations of entrepreneurs from various industries.

The subject of our activity in Asia constitutes also comprehensive servicing of production processes and moving production to Asia and outsourcing of production .

We also advise entities from Poland and China as regards establishing special investment zones and cooperate with Special Economic Zones in Poland.

In addition to the topics related to the Chinese market, we also operate in the
• Biomass
• Wind Farm projects
• Innovative projects related to renewable energy sources
• Other projects related to the renewable energy
• Trade of cereals.


A team of experts in our company deals with the preparation of industry reports on specific industry sectors in the Chinese market.
Industry reports include, among others, the information concerning the size and the current trends of the product / production, distribution channels, potential competition, etc.
Industry report is the priority before entering on the Chinese market.  It allows to  prepare a specific business model of possible business in China.

We also provide the services in verifying the credibility of a potential business partner. During our current activities we have observed frequent misunderstandings in dealing with Chinese counterparts concerning the issues such as payments, account numbers, owned ISO certificates, etc.
Thanks to a such report you will be know if a potential business partner is credible.

When you order the reports, you can avoid many problems and unnecessary confusion.
When you want to establish a business in China you should prepare for this professionally.
The valuation of a particular report is possible after contacting with our company and learning the vision of the client.


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